About Us

Hi there, thanks for visiting our website!

.....We are Wicked Wick – Hand Carved Candles based in beautiful Torquay, on the South West Coast of England. We have been carving candles for over five years.

How did you realise you had a talent for candle carving?

.....We were taught by a gentleman from the Czech Republic who had picked up the talent of candle carving in Florida, before coming to England. He shared his knowledge and we add our own artistic flare and a touch of love to each candle we make.

So, how do you make the candles?

.....Our candles are made with a wick running through the entire candle. First we use liquid wax, which we leave to set overnight to make a mould. We then dip the mould into different coloured liquid wax (about 40 times) to build the candle. Then we start to cut and twist the warm wax into the desired design.

Interesting, so you have only a short time to create each design?

.....As the wax is cooling all the time we have a limited time to finish the candle. We then decorate the candle with various accessories which are not made of wax before coating the candle in liquid acrylic which gives it a nice glossy finish. The candle is then left to dry overnight.

How do you protect the candles before they're delivered?

.....All our candles are wrapped securely first in tissue paper and then in layers of bubble wrap before being individually boxed. The cost of postage is £5 per candle.